Colwyn BID Annual Highlights Newsletter _ March 2018

Welcome to the Second Annual Review of Colwyn BID

Here we are highlighting the key achievements, issues and future commitments of Colwyn BID, as well as providing you with essential information about our forthcoming AGM

How BID money is spent is decided by businesses within the area, through ur framework of working groups, Boards and Directors. We need businesses like you to tell us what projects would help you and the wider business community. Please email to find out how you can get more involved and give us your opinions. The expertise of local business people is the greatest resource the BID has!

Our Second year

We’ve seen some successes and some challenges in our second year as the BID has established itself. 2017 has seen positive changes across the BID area as we build awareness and promote businesses across all sectors, encouraging growth and investment in the area. We look forward to 2018-19 with clear aims, a strong team and excellent input from the businesses involved.

Notice of Annual General Meeting 2018

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The BID’s AGM will be held on 20th June 2018. This is an opportunity for all businesses in the BID area to attend, hear important Information about the running of the BID and crucially, vote Directors onto the Strategic Board; the body that governs the BID. Businesses must become members as it is set out in BID legislation in order to vote. You can register on our website anytime, Membership is free, but is not automatic. For further information and to complete a membership form go to or email Forms need to be submitted by June 20th 2018.

Project Highlights 2017-18

Mochdre Signage – The consultancy work for the proposed new signage at Mochdre has been successful with Highways and is now complete. Formal planning permission has been sought with a full application recently submitted with Conwy County Borough Council. Once advertisement consent has been granted the new signage designs will be commissioned in the hopes of having the signage in the ground in early Summer 2018. Once this phase is complete consistent signage will be rolled out across the BID area.

Street Furniture – We have purchased new benches which will replace some of the dilapidated and weathered benches currently set around the village of Rhos on Sea. We have chosen to purchase environmentally friendly benches built from 100% recycled material which is vandal proof and maintenance free. We will be upgrading street furniture in all areas within the Bay of Colwyn.

BID Caretakers – We have teamed up with Crest Cooperative and received a £10,000 grant from Gwynt y Mor to form a Maintenance team for the Bay of Colwyn. The team will consist of 2 part time caretakers doing a range of external jobs which will include ground maintenance, painting and general fixing and tidying around the BID area. A maintenance request form will be available on the Colwyn BID website for levy paying businesses to complete and submit to the BID for any maintenance requirements.

Bay of Colwyn Loyalty Scheme – There’s been a great response from the businesses within the Bay of Colwyn. We’re currently working on the design of a loyalty booklet to advertise the participating businesses and their loyalty offers. These booklets will be distributed in all the participating businesses and also outside of the Colwyn BID area.

Colwyn BID Arriva Loyalty – Colwyn BID have recently met with a representative of Arriva to discuss a discount scheme. We will soon be distributing a survey to the businesses to be completed by the owners and employees.

Rhos on Sea Festoon Lighting – Rhos on Sea have requested Festoon Lighting for the Seafront. This area is currently in the planning stages for redevelopment and the BID team have teamed up with Conwy County Borough Council’s Street Lighting department to ensure that the replacement columns are suitable for festoon lighting.

Roaming CCTV – Colwyn BID have purchased a mobile CCTV camera to be placed in problematic areas in the hope of deterring any antisocial behaviour.

Public Access Defibrillator Scheme – We’ve recently teamed up with Colwyn Bay Watersports to submit a grant application to Gwynt y Mor in the hope of receiving partial funding towards this project to create a safer community. Colwyn BID are hoping to place 8 defibrillators within the BID area which will be accessible to the business community and the public 24 hours a day.

Free and Subsidised Training – The BID is working with local training providers to agree free or subsidised courses for businesses wishing to access essential training. To access funding for these places businesses must be payers of the BID levy and demonstrate that the training will help them to grow or access new markets.

Railings – The painting of the railings in Old Colwyn and Rhos on Sea has been completed. The railings were painted blue and have provided a visibly cleaner and brighter appearance to the area. There have been many positive comments from the businesses and residents in the Colwyn BID area.

Station Road Colwyn Bay – Colwyn BID via a consultant has presented CCBC with ideas for improving the accessibility of the centre of Colwyn Bay which CCBC are now considering.

BID Business

Finance and Levy Collection

The collection rate for the BID levy as we come to the end of the second year stands at over 95% with an annual revenue of approximately £254k. As many of the projects are long term and large scale annual budgets will be rolled over into the following year and no revenue will be lost or reduced as a result of not being spent immediately.

Grant Funding

As part of our responsibility to deliver added value to BID payers we will seek to fund all or part of a project with grant funding wherever possible, thus increasing the amount invested into the BID area by a significant sum. Any application for grant funding will always be led by the Business Plan objectives and the needs of the businesses we serve. We have secured £23,000 extra funding this last year alone.

Strategic Board and Objective Group meetings 

Objective Groups are open meetings about specific projects to which any business in the BID area is welcome. Details of forthcoming Working Group meetings are accessible on our website and highlighted on social media. To ensure you receive these communications, please make sure we have your up to date email address and that you’re linked with us on Facebook and Twitter.

The Objective Boards are made up of levy paying local businesses with an active interest in directing the BID’s work. In order to ensure meetings are manageable and the Board is representative of the whole BID area spaces on the Board are limited. However, we welcome new members who enable the Board to better represent the spectrum of businesses we serve.


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