NEW Chairman’s Letter 2017

Dear Levy Payer,

I am the newly elected Chairman of the Colwyn BID and I am writing to you in order for you to have a clearer understanding of what the Colwyn BID actually is and how it affects your business. My main concern is the lack of communication and transparency that seems to have plagued the BID from the outset and has caused a great deal of hostility to the BID from business owners who feel that the BID (and therefore the levy) has been foisted upon them. These feelings were very apparent at the recent BID AGM.

I fully understand these frustrations as I also found it extremely difficult to find information about the BID and the direction in which it was being steered by those involved.  However, we now have a BID Company in place with a 5-year duration and funds which are there to try and benefit your business. It is in your interest to get involved with projects in the 4 distinct areas of the BID,

Colwyn Bay, Old Colwyn, Mochdre, Rhos on Sea

I urge you to register as a BID Member via the website, as this entitles you to a vote at the AGM.  By providing your email address, you will also receive all newsletters from the BID.

For the BID to function it does need business involvement and I do know that bodies such as ROSTA and Colwyn Bay Chamber of Trade are integral to the success of the BID and are an ideal conduit for businesses to shape the direction of the BID.

Please visit the website as all the information about the Colwyn BID is there from its inception through to the current Board Members and accounts. As the Chairman, I will try to make sure that all expenditure and BID decisions are totally transparent and available for all levy payers to scrutinise on the BID website.

The attached document gives you the important facts and figures, including the end date of the first 5 years at which time another vote by businesses will determine if the BID Company is to be renewed or not.

Yours sincerely,

Greg Narey
Chairman, Colwyn BID

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